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Why I Love Tires

Updated: Apr 9

Tires are the most important part of your vehicle

Tires are the single most important part of your vehicle. Some things to consider before heading out on the road. What condition are your tires in? All tires have wear indicators built into the tread. If your tire's tread is flush or near the wear indicator, then you'll want to have a trusted/professional mechanic look at them to make sure that they're safe to drive on. In Nova Scotia, 5/32’s is the minimum tread depth that is passable for Motor Vehicle Inspections.

Like hockey skates or football cleats, the tires on your vehicle are what give you traction. Tires are the single most important part of your vehicle.

Example of a tire that is worn out and needs to be replaced. The tires treads are flush with the wear indicators.

CNET On Cars – Car Tech 101​: How tires work

When you need to put air in your tires, always reference the information tag on the driver's door jam to determine the recommended air pressure. Never go by the information that's on the tire itself as that is the maximum air pressure for that tire. The information tag will tell you the proper amount of air pressure specific to your vehicle.

Michelin Cross Climate tires are rated for all types of weather and they're the tires I recommend. You don't have to change them on winter or spring time since they're made to be driven year round.


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