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A Deadly Month For Nova Scotia Drivers

Updated: 22 hours ago

Drivers and pedestrians are being injured and killed in traffic at an alarming rate in Nova Scotia. These deadly incidents are commonly ignored by traditional news outlets and are instead accepted as being normal or acceptable. But I don't think it's normal at all.

During the month of June 2023 Nova Scotia experienced a significant wildfire which received attention from traditional news outlets for months after it occurred, yet not a single person was injured or killed in that fire. During the same month 18 people were killed on our roads and many others were severely injured. I decided to keep track of all of these tragic events in traffic to show how insane it is that the majority of people in society don't think of fatal driving accidents as a public safety concern. If this many people were dying from vape pens, guns, or anything else, politicians and community leaders would be taking immediate action to address the situation but when it comes dying while driving they do nothing.

The number one cause of premature death for young people in Nova Scotia is motor vehicle collisions.

Fatal Motor Vehicle Collisions In Nova Scotia - June 2023

{These photos are from unrelated accidents that I've documented over the years}

Collision On Highway 103 - 4 People Dead

Digby Collision - 1 With Life Threatening Injuries

Fatal Collision In Newport Station 1 Dead

Fatal Collision In Colchester County 1 Dead

Fatal Collision In Antigonish 1 Dead

Collision - 3 People With Life Threatening Injuries

Collision With Life Threatening Injuries In Cumberland County

Fatal Collision In Cape Breton 1 Dead

Fatal Collision In Annapolis 1 Dead

Fatal Collision In Guysborough County 1 Dead

Pictou County Fatal Collision 2 Dead

Fatal crash at Bedford Bypass

"Halifax Regional Police is investigating a fatal pedestrian vehicle collision that occurred last night in the area of Main and Hartlen streets in Dartmouth. The investigation is ongoing. Our thoughts are with everyone impacted by this tragic incident. "

RCMP investigating serious motor vehicle collision in Hacketts Cove

Digby RCMP investigate fatal crash

RCMP Impaired Driving Statistics - June 2023

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