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Dubai automates driving tests to reduce human error margin

Updated: 2 days ago

Driving tests in Dubai are now 100 percent automated after driver examiners were replaced with cameras and sensors. The emirate’s Roads and Transport Authority says it will reduce the error margin for pass and fail decisions.

The system uses five cameras and more than 20 sensors that record the skills of the driver as they carry out the five-maneuver test. The collected data is then matched to the approved testing standards to determine whether the driver has passed or failed their road test. Drivers have to pass three separate tests to be granted a license in Dubai. The yard test is the only one that is automated.

The automated testing system will eradicate concerns of drivers who claimed their results were affected by individual examiners' misjudgment. By automating the exams in the smart testing yard, more drivers can be monitored and tested at the same time. This increases the intake of candidates and reduces the length of the waiting lists.

RTA X - Dubai Road Test

How smart driving test system uses AI, sensors to evaluate drivers

ADAS - Texas Instruments

RTA road test area/route | final road test

Driving lessons to be doubled in length to improve road safety in Dubai

At present, any trainee driver without prior driving experience is required to take a minimum of 40 practical lessons of 30 minutes each before they can do their test. Next year, however, the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai is planning on making lessons 60 minutes long, and it is believed there will be no reduction in the minimum number of practical lessons.


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