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Thinking Ahead

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One of the key aspects of defensive driving is looking ahead. When a driver is familiar with a particular area, this will help them to look and think ahead as they will have a mental image of the area built in their mind. This frees up more mental bandwidth for the driver to scan the roadway for hazards.

Spotting Hazards

The best way to become familiar with an area is by travelling the area as much as possible. After a while you will have an image built in your mind and will likely even remember smaller details of the area such as trees and buildings. Then what you do is begin to expand that area a little bit at a time.

How To Drive In Downtown Halifax

I regularly take excellent drivers into downtown Halifax and most will always make mistakes. This is because they are unfamiliar with downtown and must dedicate most of their mental bandwidth to analyzing their environment. These same drivers have zero issues when around their local communities.

Yellow lights are hard to judge at first, but a good practice is to imagine any stale green light you approach is going to turn yellow as you approach. Anticipate the change and ask yourself where you think the point of no return is, aka the commitment point.

Judging Yellow Lights

Twisty turns in a BMW 430i Gran Coupe on Highway 14 – Nova Scotia

A following distance of 3 seconds is like an insurance plan. Two seconds was the old way but now three seconds is the more common distance, and that’s because so many people are distracted and stressed. A safe following distance will save you all kinds of trouble and it also allows you to see potential hazards that the driver in front of you may encounter, which will help you react ahead of time.

How To Set & Maintain A Safe Following Distance When Driving – The 3 Second Rule Saves Lives

When you think ahead while driving, you will already be in a much better position to deal with any hazards that may await you ahead. And when that hazard does appear, you will be less startled, which also improves your ability to react.

Examples of not thinking ahead

Albert Walker Drive 2020. The driver of the car was within inches of being crushed but walked away without a scratch. It’s extra important for truck drivers to think ahead as they have much more weight to slow down than a regular vehicle. The driver of the car was within inches of being crushed but walked away without a scratch.

Cement Truck Flips – July 2020

Dump truck vs house – Dutch Settlement 2017

There is no worse feeling in the world than going into a turn with too much speed. Just ask any one of the multiple truckers that approached the Burnside ‘S-Turns’ with too much speed. At that point it’s too late and trust me when I tell you, Jesus isn’t going to take the wheel.

18 – Wheeler flipped at Exit 4 on Highway 102 – September 2021

Flipped 18 – Wheeler at the Beaverbank Connector ramp and Highway 101 – February 2018

Flipped Excavator In The Burnside S-Turns

Tractor Flips After Truck Loses Its Trailer In Dartmouth

Check Yourself Before You Make Your Move

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