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60 Kilometers an hour on the Hammonds Plains Road; The new normal

Nova Scotia Driver’s Handbook – “You should learn to control your vehicle with precision, the same way as a professional race car driver does. It is very important to begin with good instruction.”

Incredible Kevin Estre lap of the Nürburgring in the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Reducing your speed in a residential neighborhood ensures you have time to react to hazards

You can try controlling your speed by letting off of the accelerator pedal without hitting the brake to see how the car slows. This also teaches you how to see and think ahead.

Speed Control on Glendale Drive

Police issue 161 tickets for speeding, stunting and other vehicle-related offences. The fine in Nova Scotia for stunting is $2,422.50 and six points are assigned to the driver’s record.


Driving Tips From A Cop

Good Speed

Speed will make you go faster but it won't get you to your destination any quicker


How To Yield


Racing driver’s braking tips for everyday driving

Braking is all about thinking ahead.

  • Covering the brake pedal – You place your foot over the pedal and let it hover there until you are sure there is no risk of a collision or any other hazard.

  • Approaching intersections Covering the brake ensures that your foot is just millimeters away if you need to make a panic stop.

  • Early braking – Applying the brakes early ensures you stop comfortably, and in plenty of time.

This is what your brakes look like. When you push the brake pedal this thingy

squeezes the rotor (the circle thingy) and that is what your wheels attach to.

That's how you slow the vehicle down. When your brakes start to squeak, that's

your vehicle talking to you telling you something needs to be fixed. Addressing these small squeaks and noises right away will always save you money.

That circular thing is the rotor. If you are harsh on your brakes all the time, what can happen is they can heat up. When they heat up they become less effective. This is known as brake fade. Also if you brake really hard and heat the brake rotors up, and then drive through a puddle, you can warp the rotors. This would cause a pulsation either in your brake pedal or steering wheel and the rotors would have to be turned or replaced. Just another reason to drive smoothly.


Anti-Lock brakes don't help you stop as much as they help your tires regain traction once they begin to slip.

ABS | Volvo Trucks – Emergency braking

Braking and Torque Steer; Sometimes You Gotta Throw Down Too


Look and think AHEAD

Keep your eyes moving and notice what is happening around you. The trick to curves is you take them just like a race car driver would. Race car drivers reduce their speed as they approach a curve, then accelerate after they are through the halfway point.


Center of gravity

A vehicle's center of gravity will have a significant impact on how well it performs in sharp curves. A vehicle’s center of gravity, or CG, is the point where all of the masses of each of its components act. Lower is better from a handling standpoint, as it reduces weight transfer during cornering and braking.


Center of gravity demonstrated - Methot flips Lessio with perfect hip check

lways wear your seatbelt to avoid being ejected from the vehicle.

Vehicles are flipped everyday in traffic but those accidents rarely make the news. The reason they rarely make the news is because the people in the vehicles are usually wearing their seat belts. People that don't wear their seat belts are extremely likely to be ejected during a collision or roll over.

Seatbelt Pretensioners

An SUV will have a higher center of gravity than a car. A car will do better in tight corners, while an SUV would be better suited for off road driving. Every vehicle (like people) has strengths and weaknesses.

New cars are rolling over more

Tesla Model X Won’t Roll

The Best Way To Steer Around Tight Corners | Learn to drive: Basic skills

Look through the turn

  • Look up ahead through the turn

  • Move your eyes – glance, don’t stare

  • Scan left, center, right

  • Scan through vehicle windows for hazards

his sign is saving you a whole lot of trouble. It warns that there is a dead end or super sharp curve ahead.

Twisty turns in a BMW 430i Gran Coupe on Highway 14 – Nova Scotia

Running Commentary; read my mind in real time

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