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At first roundabouts seem confusing and intimidating but they are actually quite simple if you follow the basic rules.

Broad Street Roundabout
Broad Street Roundabout

  • Choose the correct lane for your destination before entering and stay in that lane while in a roundabout.

  • Yield to any pedestrians approaching the crosswalk.

  • Yield to vehicles that are already in the roundabout.

  • Don’t change lanes or stop in a roundabout.

In Nova Scotia you only have to signal when exiting a roundabout but most times it's better not to as most drivers don't signal while exiting. That's because in some cases it can cause confusion, especially if it's a two lane roundabout. Signalling in a roundabout is also somewhat dangerous and distracting because your steering wheel will constantly be cancelling your signal light which is distracting and could cause you to lose control or miss other hazards like pedestrians in the crosswalk as you exit.

How To Drive In The Larry Uteck Roundabouts

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