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Updated: Jan 22

Reverse Parking

Reverse parking makes every new driver nervous, but like with everything else in driving, there is a secret that will make it super easy. The secret tip is the same as every other secret tip: slow down and take your time. (Keep this secret on the DL 🙂)

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Parking; Part 1

The driving instructor that can't drive. 😅

Access Nova Scotia in Lower Sackville

It is going to be 10 times easier to reverse park at the Access location you test at compared to any other parking lot. The reason is because you have to look back the entire time that you are reversing on your test. If you were to practice looking back the whole time in a normal parking lot, it would be impossible to know where you are in relation to the parking spot. You would have no choice but to stop and check your side mirrors to reference the painted lines.

The reverse camera will be covered on the test.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Parking; Part 2

At all Access N.S. locations, there will be a sign in the very center of your spot as a reference point. All you do is line up the middle of your car with that sign. Access N.S. does not allow parking in these spots during regular business hours, but you can practice there after hours. You will likely notice many other new drivers doing the same.

How To Forward Bay Park & Reverse Back Out Of A Parking Spot – Forward Stall Parking Made Easy!

Also note, when students actually do look back the whole time, they always do a better parking job than if they are looking around or mixing looking around with the camera. Just look back the entire time. If you need to look around that is okay but the car must not be moving backwards if you are not looking backwards.

Superstore in Bedford by Sunnyside Mall has 1 spot with a perfect reference point.

Curb Parking


Jeep Drives Off The Edge Of A Retaining Wall In Halifax


Cool Student Driver stickers now available

One of my students recently experienced a road rage incident while practicing. These stickers keep other drivers behind you chill while you're trying to learn. You would be amazed at how many drivers respond positively to these stickers and sometimes will follow even further back.

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