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Updated: Sep 7

Reverse Parking

Reverse parking makes every new driver nervous but like with everything else in driving there is a secret that will make it super easy. The secret is to slow down and take your time. Steer as much as possible before moving the vehicle. This helps the car to pivot more and you won't waste as much space while moving forward or backwards.

Reverse cameras are great but if the weather is bad they usually going to be useless as the lens will be covered in water or snow.

Reverse camera
Reverse camera

Some parking lots will have points of reference in the centre of the parking space. Line up the middle headrest on the rear seat, or middle of your vehicle with the point of reference.

Superstore in Bedford has one parking spot with a perfect reference point.

Superstore in Bedford
Superstore in Bedford

Also note that when you look back the whole time it's much easier than mixing looking around with the reverse camera. If you need to look around that's okay but make sure you stop while you do.

Curb Parking

The secret to curb parking is to think a little further ahead and don't steer sharply to the curb. This helps by keeping the car straight as you gradually drift the car closer to the curb. The closer you get the slower you go. That way if your right front tire happens to touch the curb, it won't be anything intense. The tires of your vehicle must be within 15 cm of the curb.

Anytime that you put the vehicle in gear make sure that you're gentle with the accelerator pedal, just in case you accidentally shifted into the wrong gear. When drivers accelerate suddenly while in the wrong gear they sometimes end up driving through buildings or off the edge of the parking lot.

Jeep Drives Off The Edge Of A Retaining Wall In Halifax


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