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Halifax Police and RCMP

Updated: 5 days ago

This page takes a closer look at the role of Halifax Regional Police. It will hopefully give you some insights into what exactly happens during an emergency and what first responders have to deal with. Most emergencies like car accidents and medical issues never make the news but there is much that can be learned from many of these events. We'll look at different agencies and what they do on their own and what they do when working together.

Halifax Police

Bank Robbery in Bedford Nova Scotia

Halifax operates under an integrated policing model: Halifax Regional Police is responsible for policing the urban core of Halifax as well as the Sambro Loop and the Purcells Cove – Herring Cove Loop.

Halifax Regional Police - Integrated Emergency Services

Behind-the-Scenes: N.S. Fallen Peace Officers’ Memorial Service

Halifax Regional Police - K9 Unit

Halifax Regional Police - Ports Unit

Join HRP

Halifax Regional Police Cadet Recruitment

Halifax crime mapping

Halifax Bank Robbery

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