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Old School Halifax Traffic

Updated: May 20

This is more of a fun page for those who would like to see the way Halifax used to be. The most amazing thing I notice in all of these videos is how happy and healthy everyone looks. It's also amazing to see how pedestrians walk among the cars on the street in harmony. Cars were not made to go 200 km/hr back then so everyone was a lot more chill.

Marine Highway (Highway 207 - Eastern Shore 1966)

A Trip Through Halifax circa 1960

Try Transit: 1983 MetroTransit Campaign

Opening of the Angus L. Macdonald Bridge, April 2, 1955

The Old New Bridge - MacDonald Bridge Construction

The Big Lift - MacDonald Bridge Halifax 2016

Articles from the Fairview Historical Society

Sea Monster in the Bedford Basin

"The strange monster has been seen by dozens of residents along the Fairview section of the Bedford Road, and shots have been fired at the beast from the old road at Bedford, it is claimed".

The Dutch Village Omnibus Line

"The Omnibus was a large, enclose wheeled vehicle that was horse powered. It was used for passenger transport before the introduction of motor vehicles. The bus was described as having two wooden benches along the sides of the passenger cabin with the passengers facing each other."

Old Roads and Streets of Fairview

"The old road ran through what is now the Fairview Cemetery on Windsor Street. Today the original road is still there, it is located in the centre of the cemetery and stops at the end of the cemetery."

Flooding of the Fairview Underpass – Today known as the Fairview Overpass

"The Fairview Underpass and surrounding area endured many years of flooding. The Underpass formerly referred to as the Fairview Bottleneck was one of two entrance to and exit from the City of Halifax."

Volvos Laid to Rest In Bedford Basin

"So how did 32 Volvos (some dispute that amount but Bedford Institute of Oceanography confirms 32) end up in Nova Scotia at the bottom of the Bedford Basin? These Volvos did not actually come from the actual plant."

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 1966, Brunswick St. - Cogswell St. -and Gottingen St

1989 Driving in downtown Halifax Nova Scotia


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