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Halifax GSAR

Updated: 5 days ago

A happy ending to a missing persons case earlier today in Lake Echo. An elderly man became lost yesterday and spent the night in the woods. Halifax Search And Rescue as well as many other agencies assisted in the search. The man was located safe and sound. We are very fortunate in HRM to have this group of volunteers with professional skills for searching and locating missing people.

Man who went missing while picking blueberries found safe

Excerpt from the Halifax GSAR webpage - "Our Resources"

"During a search and rescue operation, HSAR has the capacity to deploy a variety of resources depending on the situation. Our team operates with more than 150 active members, a dedicated K9-RCMP certified civilian search dog unit, and six response vehicles including command and logistics trucks, a small boat, ARGO, and several transportation vehicles."


Join Halifax SAR

"Volunteering at Halifax Search & Rescue fulfills a variety of interests and areas of specialization—be they related to on-the-ground searching, managing the logistics of a search and rescue operation, educating the public, organizing fundraising events or working behind the scenes to assist with the administration of the organization."

Plan Ahead

"The one thing we can be assured of in Nova Scotia is changing and unpredictable weather conditions, which can impact even the most perfectly planned day trip. Here are a few basics to keep in mind from our friends at AdventureSmart, including essential equipment for any outdoor adventure—whether it’s planned to last only a few hours or several days."

The Pandemic has caused some funding issues for Halifax GSAR

Halifax Search and Rescue is an independent organization relying on municipal and provincial grants and fundraising, which has been an issue during the pandemic. This should be a no-brainer, especially with so many more people venturing out into the wilderness due to the pandemic.

Halifax ground search looking for missing teen in wooded area

Moody Lake GSAR operation

Kearney Lake Missing Person

Canadian Forces SAR Helicopter Lands In Halifax

UPDATE - RCMP suspend search for missing South Rawdon man

Police, Halifax Search and Rescue finish work near Dartmouth Crossing

Kidston Lake

On July 28, 2021, Halifax Search and Rescue was notified of a potential overdue hiker in the Kidston Lake (Spryfield) area of the municipality. The well-prepared subject had planned to go hiking for several days. When he didn’t return at the scheduled time, his family became concerned and notified authorities.

Intermittent communications were established with the subject via family radio service (FRS). It was determined that during his trek, he became separated from his navigation equipment and was unable to navigate from the woods. He found a campsite in the wilderness area and stayed at the location.

Approximately twelve members of the Halifax SAR Remote Rescue team responded to the call. Three teams, including a civilian K9 team, were tasked to complete rapid searches of the trails in the area.

Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency deployed two drones during the search, until a Nova Scotia Department of Lands & Forestry helicopter arrived on scene. At that point an additional HSAR team was tasked to search from the air.

The subject was located by the helicopter tasking, who were able to land near the subject and provide an initial medical assessment prior to extraction. The subject was subsequently assessed and released by Emergency Health Services - EHS paramedics.

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