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EHS - Emergency Health Services

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Emergency Health Services

Emergency Medical Care Inc. (EMC) is a privately-owned company that manages and operates ground ambulance, telehealth medical communications, air medical transport operations and the medical communications center in Nova Scotia.

Becoming a Paramedic - EHS Nova Scotia

Want to become a paramedic? There are paramedic education programs in Dartmouth NS and Charlottetown PEI. For more information visit:

EHS Nova Scotia - Current Job Opportunities

Emergency Medical Care Inc. (EMC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Medavie Health Services (MHS) that manages and operates ground ambulance, air medical transport and the medical communications operations in Nova Scotia through a performance-based contract with the provincial government's Emergency Health Services (EHS) Operations division and the Department of Health and Wellness. As well, EMC operates TeleHealth/811 medical communications for Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island for the Department of Health.

2018 National Telecommunicators Week

EHS LifeFlight - EHS Nova Scotia

Team Components - EHS Nova Scotia

"The Critical Care Paramedic is accountable for providing clinical care to patients within an aviation and ground transport environment. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: direct patient care, incorporating advanced assessment, stabilization and intervention skills working under standards and protocols approved by the EHS LifeFlight Medical Director".

EHS Lifeflight Helicopter In Sackville

EHS Lifeflight Helicopter in Halifax Nova Scotia

EHS Lifeflight Helicopter Takeoff In Halifax Nova Scotia

EHS Helicopter landing in Halifax Nova Scotia

EHS LifeFlight Arrival And Departure

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