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Driving Strategies And Road Trips

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Having a strategy for any task in life is essential to completing it effectively. It’s important as a driver that you do not put too much faith or trust in other road users. Driving for other road users is an essential driving strategy and it makes you safer.

The greatest athletes see the game differently than everyone else, and that is a key aspect of defensive driving. You always want to be thinking of your lane position in relation to the vehicles around you. The first big factor in Sidney Crosby’s game is he puts himself where the puck is going to be instead of where it is. All good things come from Cole Harbour.

The best athletes in the world see the game differently - Sidney Crosby highlights

Driving is an art not a science

Simple ways to manage risks

  • Adjust your speed to conditions

  • When you sense a hazard, cover your brake pedal

  • Maintain a safe following distance of 3 seconds

  • Go with the flow of traffic

  • Stay out of the blind spots of other vehicles and keep yours clear

  • Keep a safe distance from parked vehicles

Look and THINK ahead

If a driver is familiar with a particular area, then they will also have the ability to think ahead as they will have a mental image of the area built in their mind. This in turn frees up more bandwidth for the driver to scan the roadway for hazards.

That vehicle waiting to turn onto the roadway up ahead of you could possibly make a bad decision and pull out in front of you. As a proactive driver, you will have already anticipated this and made any adjustments needed such as reducing your speed and making eye contact with other drivers. Your adjustments save you and the other driver getting into a collision.

By making scanning for hazards into a game as often as possible, you will develop a better perspective of the driving environment. Empathy is everything in life and in driving.

Sympathy vs empathy?

Sympathy involves understanding from your own perspective. Empathy involves putting yourself in the other person's shoes and understanding. Empathy is everything in traffic and should never be confused with sympathy.

Empathy is everything | 40 amazing moments in traffic

Chevy tows Tractor Trailer

How To Drive In Downtown Halifax

Road Trips

Getting your fulls (drivers license) will be one of the most exciting things you ever do. You will have freedom and be able to get more done while having more fun.

One of my favorite and fun things to do on the weekends is to go on a road trip adventure. Being from Nova Scotia, I get to enjoy some of the most scenic roads in Canada. Many of the routes that are featured here are curvy and windy roads so it's important not to enjoy the gorgeous scenery too much as things will be changing quickly in front of you.

Remember that it's a good idea to ensure your vehicle is full of fuel, you have phone chargers, and be sure to pick up some snacks. Also keep in mind that if something goes wrong while on a road trip to rural areas, you are much further from help.

Expect to see anything from wildlife, to farm tractors and keep your eyes moving to ensure you stay alert. Most of all, enjoy the drive and have fun.

The Routes And Loops

The Highway 14 loop goes from Chester to Windsor and makes its way through Cottage Country. This is a really nice trip which takes 2 hours and there is a gas station halfway down Highway 14 in case you need a pit stop.

Twisty turns in a BMW 430i Grand Coupe on Highway 14 - Nova Scotia

Truro is home to Victoria Park. This is one of the nicest parks in Canada and is only an hour away from Bedford.

Victoria Park in Truro Nova Scotia

Highway 102 or Trunk 2 will get you to Truro.

Trap Music On Trunk 2; Just drivin'

The Aspotagon Penninsula is another great trip which takes 2 hours. This route has sharp curves, steep hills, and an ocean view. The road is Highway 329.

Aspotagon Penninsula Loop

Wolfville Nova Scotia

Peggy's Cove

The Peggy's Cove loop is another fun trip. It takes an hour unless you stop to view the scenery. This road is known as Trunk 333.

Peggy's Cove walkthrough

Peggy's Cove Nova Scotia


Lawrencetown Beach on the Eastern Shore is another great spot to visit. Take Trunk 207 to get there and you can expect to see some breath taking scenery as you drive along the coast.

Lawrencetown Kite Surfing 2020

Cape Breton

Seal Island Bridge in Cape Breton

Driving in Cape Breton Nova Scotia

Driving over the Canso Causeway to Cape Breton

Driving up Kellys Mountain - Cape Breton Nova Scotia

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