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Road Trips and Cool Things

Updated: Jan 25

Road Trips

Getting your fulls (driver's license) will be one of the most exciting things you ever do. You will have freedom and be able to get more done while having fun. Nova Scotia has many trunk routes and old roads that are very fun and scenic to drive on.

One of my favorite and fun things to do on the weekends is to go on a road trip adventure. Being from Nova Scotia I get to enjoy some of the most scenic roads in Canada. Many of the routes that are featured below are curvy and windy roads so it's important not to enjoy the gorgeous scenery too much as things will be changing quickly in front of you.

Remember that it's a good idea to ensure your vehicle is full of fuel, you have phone chargers, and be sure to pick up some snacks. Also keep in mind that if something goes wrong while on a road trip to rural areas you are much further from help. A lot of newer vehicles no longer come equipped with a spare tire so in those cases you would have no choice but to wait for a tow truck. Expect to see anything from wildlife to farm tractors and keep your eyes moving to ensure you stay alert. Most of all enjoy the drive and have fun.

Highway 14

The Highway 14 loop goes from Chester to Windsor and makes its way through Cottage Country. This is a really nice trip which takes 2 hours and there is a gas station halfway down Highway 14 in case you need a pit stop.

Twisty turns in a BMW 430i Gran Coupe on Highway 14 - Nova Scotia

Highway 2

Trap Music On Trunk 2; Just drivin'

Highway 2 from Truro to Bedford.

Highway 329

Aspotagon Penninsula Loop

The Aspotagon Penninsula is another great trip which takes 2 hours. This route has sharp curves steep hills and an ocean view. The road is Highway 329.

Highway 333

Peggy's Cove

The Peggy's Cove loop is another fun trip. It takes an hour unless you stop to view the scenery. This road is known as Trunk 333.

Peggy's Cove walkthrough

Peggy's Cove Nova Scotia


Lawrencetown Beach on the Eastern Shore is another great spot to visit. Take Trunk 207 from Cole Harbour to get there and you can expect to see some breath taking scenery as you drive along the coast.

Lawrencetown Kite Surfing 2020

Sable Causeway in Barrington Passage

Cape Breton

DreamDrive Vacations

The Cabot Trail is one of the most scenic roads you will ever see. If you want to do a road trip in an exotic car, DreamDrive Vacations offers complete road trip packages with exotic cars.

DreamDrive Vacations Packages

Seal Island Bridge in Cape Breton

Driving up Kellys Mountain - Cape Breton Nova Scotia

Gear That I use and other cool things

This Amazing Flashlight Could Save Your Life - Nitecore P20iX

I use a Blackvue dashcam. These are the best dashcams on the market. They are very simple to use and are reliable.

Blackvue 590W-6080B3 Dash Cam

5.11 Tactical Knife

5.11 Tactical Jacket


Tesla Self Driving vs Everyday Roads!

2021 Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo


How To Properly Clean Your Car Windows Without Streaking!

Innovative Detailing


Cool Student Driver stickers now available

One of my students recently experienced a road rage incident while practicing. These stickers keep other drivers behind you chill while you're trying to learn. You would be amazed at how many drivers respond positively to these stickers and sometimes will follow even further back.

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