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A Complete Introduction to Defensive Driving For Beginners – Part 1

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Driving Defensively

The core of Defensive Driving is looking and thinking ahead. Being familiar with an area also helps. This is an introduction blog to driving and is intended for beginners but others may find some value in it. It’s all in how you see the road and your surroundings.

Halifax's worst drivers 2016 - Part 1

Getting Ready to Drive - Some Basic Tasks

  • Make sure that your arms have a slight bend in them.

  • Adjust your seat and headrest if necessary, then adjust both your rear view and side-view mirrors to maximize visibility.

What To Do When You First Get Into The Car

The windshield wipers and heater controls are critical to memorize in any car.

The Basics

Now it’s time to drive; How To Drive For Beginners

Proper Driving

Driving In Hurricanes

Sometimes it's what you don't do that will keep you safe

  • Don't brake check a tailgater. Let off the accelerator pedal and as your vehicle slows they will pass you.

  • Don't speed up when approaching a turn. Set yourself up in the intersection for your turn and take your time.

  • Don't swerve for deer or other wildlife because many times they will change direction and not end up in your path.

  • Don't look at the thing that is scaring you, always look in the direction you want to go. You will always end up going in whichever direction you are looking.

  • Don't hit the brakes too harshly on slippery surfaces because you could break traction.

  • Don't go into curves or off ramps too fast. When you go into a curve too fast, it's too late to slow down.

  • Don't signal too early. If a driver is waiting to pull out into the roadway between you and your turn, they could pull out and cut you off thinking that you are turning before them.

  • Don't over correct or do anything too sudden unless it's a legit emergency in which there is a risk to human life. If you over correct you could easily roll your vehicle, especially on the highway.

  • Don't speed up at intersections. At intersections other drivers are trying to judge your speed so it's safer to stay consistent.

  • Don't hit the brakes on a speed bump. Do all of your braking before the bump. Hitting your brakes on a speed bump will load up your suspension and possibly bottom out your vehicle on the bump.

  • Don't approach a yield sign at too fast of a speed. If you have to yield you won't be able to stop and if you stop suddenly you could get rear ended.

  • Don't react to the vehicle which pulls up to the stop sign too fast as you are driving by. They will stop.

  • Don't accelerate too fast on a slippery surface as you could break traction.

  • Don't move too suddenly when moving out from a stop sign to judge traffic. You could scare the other drivers.

  • Don't turn on your windshield wipers or try to open your windows if they are frozen. You will break them.

  • Don't hit the brakes if you hydroplane. Let up off of both pedals and hold the steering wheel steady.

  • Don't honk your horn unless it's really necessary. You could cause a road rage incident.

  • Don't accelerate too fast from a stop as you will only end up having to hit your brakes.

  • Don't talk back to cops. You will always have a better outcome with cops when you are respectful and honest.

  • Don't steer too sharply when curb parking as your signal light will cancel and it's harder to line up.

  • Don't drive too fast when you reverse park. It will only make it harder and if you were to hit a pedestrian you will have no time to react.

  • Don't turn on your signal light until you are actually ready to pull out from the side of the road. Leave your right signal light on for the entire time you are pulled over.

  • Don't drive distracted or tired. It will save your life.

  • Don't stop to close to the vehicle in front of you. If you get rear ended your vehicle will get sandwiched.

  • Don't use cruise control in the rain. The computer could accelerate your vehicle causing it to hydroplane.

Check Yourself Before You Make Your Move

A Complete Introduction to Defensive Driving For Beginners – Part 2

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