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McKenna's Driving School is the most professional school in Nova Scotia and we're busier than ever. Our instructors are highly experienced and passionate about teaching people of all ages how to drive defensively. McKenna's has been around for over 30 years and we're committed to the highest standards of quality and professionalism. None of our instructors yell while teaching, in fact we have a specific policy against that. We're also flexible with student pickup and drop off locations. If you're looking to learn how to drive from experienced professionals who love what they do, then this is the driving school I'd recommend. Driving is fun and learning how to drive safely should be fun too. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have, using the links below.

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Below are just a few of the frequently asked questions that we receive from our students in regards to our NEW DRIVER EDUCATION COURSE and PRIVATE LESSONS. Contact us directly for further information.

What are McKenna’s Driving School programs and pricing?


McKenna’s Driving School is known for offering very competitive rates. We keep our administrative costs low so we can extend savings to our students.

  • $750, including tax for Drivers Education Course – 25 hours of in-class lessons and 10-hours in-car lessons as regulated by the province of Nova Scotia

  • $60.87+ tax an hour for private lessons

  • $78.26+tax for road test preparation and access to driving school car to take road test in.


How can I pay McKenna’s Driving School?


  • Currently, we accept cash, cheque, credit card or etransfers. With special circumstances, we can accept Visa payments via PayPal.


Do you offer private lessons?


  • Yes. We currently offer one on one hourly lessons for those who want to brush up on their driving skills, prep for the road test or for students that would like additional in-vehicle lessons.


Do you offer a 6-hour defensive driving course for point recovery or Graduated Driver Licence exit (removing N off license)?


  • Yes, we offer the 6-hour course. The 6-hour course is 100% online and asynchronus.


What kind of certification does your school and instructors maintain?


  • Our instructors are fully certified driving instructors and have completed full background checks

  • McKenna’s Driving School operates fully licensed and insured by the province of Nova Scotia.


Why should I choose McKenna’s Driving School?


  • Very competitive rates – we focus on keeping our office admin cost low so we can offer savings to our students

  • Locally operated for over 26 years by the McKenna family

  • Comprehensive in-class and in-vehicle lessons (view course outline here)

  • Extensive highway driving, downtown driving, rotary driving, recovery lessons for highway shoulder driving and vehicle avoidance

  • Winter conditions driving during winter months

  • Complimentary access to driving school vehicle for lessons and road test

  • Thorough preparation for the Access Nova Scotia Road Test (we have high road test pass rates and only advise you to take the road test when you are ready)


Review our FAQ for more information


Why is completing an approved Driver Education Course a great investment?


  • 25-hours reviewing rules and regulations of driving a vehicle and 10-hours of practising driving a vehicle with a certified instructor

  • Vehicles with dual-control so instructor is always in control of the vehicle

  • Decreased motor vehicle insurance rates with proof of McKenna’s Driving School Certificate

  • 9 months to complete NS New Driver Program rather than in 12 months without course (more info here)

  • No charge to remove N (Newly Licensed Driver) off license. Without an approved Drivers Education Course you will need to take a 6-hour course for a cost of about $120

  • Higher probability of passing the road test ($53 each time you take the test)

  • Learning the rules of the road and becoming a better and safer driver


How do I earn a certificate for completing McKenna’s Driving School?


  • As this program is regulated by the Province of Nova Scotia, in order to obtain a certificate confirming completion of our New Driver Education Program, the student must complete ALL 25-hours of online instruction and ALL 10-hours of in-vehicle instruction


How long do I have to complete the course?


  • We coordinate with the students to complete the course from the time they start the in-class lesson to when they are eligible for the road test. This timeframe is unique to each student based on when they start the course

  • We prefer to have a minimum of 8-weeks to accommodate a student through the whole program

  • We require students to complete the course within 18-months of starting the course and we will work with students and their schedules to help accommodate this timeline.

  • If the student is unable to complete the course in 18 months due to personal circumstances, there is a $250 fee to rejoin the course and pick up where the student left off.




How long have you been in business?


  • We started teaching students how to drive in 1996 and have grown into a large driving school with an amazing team who continue to have great reviews and high road test passing rates.



Where are the lessons located?


In-Class Lessons:

  • 100% online and asynchronous



In-Vehicles Lessons

  • Pick up and drop off in-vehicle lessons in Halifax and Dartmouth accommodate students schedules including home, school or workplace.

  • Students who live outside the Dartmouth/Cole Harbour/Eastern Passage/Halifax area must make arrangements to meet in Dartmouth or Halifax for in-car lessons (some exceptions apply)

What can I expect during the 25 hours of in-class lessons?




What can I expect during the 10 hours of in-vehicle lessons?




What happens if I miss a lesson?


It is expected that students attend all 25 hours of in-class lessons and all 10 hours of in-vehicle lessons.

In-Vehicle Lessons: 

  • If you need to re-schedule an in-vehicle lesson please give your instructor 24 hours notice.    

  • A $20 no-show fee could be applied. The fee is $20 for a one-hour cancellation and $40 for two-hour lesson cancellation. 


What’s the deal with the Road Test?


  • The Road Test is the last part of our course and takes place after the in-class and in-vehicle lessons are completed and 9 months has passed with a Learners License

  • The Road Test is conducted by a certified employee at Access Nova Scotia (Not a McKenna’s Driving School Instructor)

  • It is recommended that the road test is purchased by visiting Access Nova Scotia (or use the online payment form) 6 weeks before student would like to take the road test

  • McKenna’s Driving School will book the road test for the student so that we can ensure our instructors and vehicles are available

  • We require student to provide their in-vehicle instructor with the road test receipt number and Driver’s License Master number so they can book the road test and have their car available

  • Instructors will spend the last hour of the 10 hours of in-vehicle lessons with the student before the Road Test to help prepare.

How quickly can I complete the McKenna’s Driving School course?


  • Once the student has obtained their Class 7 Learners License and starts the 25 hours of online class lessons then the student can begin their 10 hours of in-vehicle lessons. If you have already completed your 9 month waiting period then you can quickly complete the 10-hours of in car lessons. If you have just obtained your Class 7 Learners License then your 10 hours of in-vehicle lessons will be spread out over 9 months.




  • The 10 hourly in-vehicle lessons are in most cases spread over two to three months to accommodate the minimum 9 month waiting period between acquisition of the learner’s licence and completing the road test

  • Students who have already completed the 9 month Learners License waiting period may be able to complete the in-car lessons more quickly.



Do I need my Learners License to start the In-Class lessons?

  • Students do not need their Learners License to start the in-class lessons.

  • Students will need their Learners License before they start the in-vehicle lessons.


What if my Learners License is about to expire?


  • The Learners License expires after 24 months.

  • Students who do not book and pass the Road Test within 24 months will need to obtain a new Learners License.

  • It is recommended that students complete McKenna’s Driving School within the first 10 months of obtaining their Learner’s License.

  • If students have less than 2 months until their Learners expires it may still be possible to complete the Driving Course or take private lessons to prepare for the Road Test.



What vehicles are provided for the in-vehicle lessons?


  • McKenna’s Driving School continues to teach our in-vehicle lessons in Honda Civics or similar.



Do I need to use McKenna’s Driving School vehicles for my in-vehicle lessons?

  • It is preferred that the in-vehicle lessons are instructed in the McKenna’s Driving School vehicles.

  • Our fleet of vehicles are equipped with a passenger side break to allow our instructors to maintain control and safety on the roads.

What if I have known challenges that may affect my learning of the course material or driving skills?


  • McKenna’s Driving School recognizes that not everyone learns the same way and that some people have certain challenges that may affect their learning.

  • Whether it is Test-Writing Challenges, Physical Challenges or Learning Disabilities, we accommodate our students the best we can in order for them to get the most out of our lessons.

  • Please ensure you let the office and the instructors know in advance of any challenges that may affect the students ability to effectively complete the course.

What is the Process for Obtaining Class 5N Driver’s License with NS Graduated License Program?


  1. ​Obtain a copy of the NS Driver’s Hand Book and review

  2. Visit a Registry of Motor Vehicles Office to write a Knowledge Test (Must be 16 years old or older)

  3. Pass the Knowledge test and receive your Class 7 Learners License (Possible to begin in-class lessons without Class 7 Learners License)

  4. Register for McKenna’s Driving School.

  5. Once course is completed, McKenna’s will help arrange and accommodate students to the Road Test with the use of a McKenna’s vehicle.
    (As of April 1 2016, students must have a Learner’s License for 9 months before taking the road test. Without a certified driving school course student will need to wait 12 months to take the road test)

  6. With a passed Road Test students will then receive the Class 5 Newly Licensed Driver’s License

  7. After 2 years with the Class 5 Newly Licensed Driver’s License students must obtain their unrestricted Class 5 License. This is free of charge with the proof of McKenna’s Driving School Certificate (student’s who do not have the driving school course will need to take a 6-hour course to remove the N off their license for a cost of about $120).
    It is important to note that failure to visit Access Nova Scotia and obtain your Class 5 License at the 2 year mark could result in a fine.




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