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Driving Lessons

Bedford Driver now offers in-car driving lessons. If you or anyone you know would like driving lessons, feel free to contact me. I am a licensed driving instructor. I can teach you to drive any kind of vehicle including motorcycles, dirt bikes, trucks (with or without air brakes), and cars. I offer road test prep lessons, regular lessons, performance driving lessons, driver’s ed refreshers for experienced drivers, and any kind of type of bad weather driving lessons. If driving in adverse conditions makes you nervous, that’s likely because you need a little more experience in those conditions. I specialize in teaching students who have anxiety and I always play chill music. I don’t have my own driver’s ed car yet but I can take you out in your own vehicle to teach you. 

Two hour lessons - $60


One of my students recently experienced a road rage incident while practicing. These stickers keep other drivers behind you chill while you're trying to learn. You would be amazed at how many drivers respond positively to these stickers and sometimes will follow even further back.


When you love what you do you'll still have to put in effort but you'll never feel the need to try.

A Little About Me

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