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Hello and welcome to Bedford Driver. My name is Pete Stevens (Instructor Maverick) and I'm a certified professional driving instructor and classroom teacher in Halifax Nova Scotia. For the past 25 years I have worked as a mechanic, an oilfield technician, I.T. technician and now as a driving instructor. I recently switched schools and now work for Brave Driver Training. Brave is a progressive company that is always exploring new and innovative ways to make learning to drive fun and chill. They even gave me a cool nickname. We are highly experienced drivers and teachers and our online training program is second to none. Our courses are self-paced so you can complete them when it's convenient for you. See some of the reviews on our website from students who have completed one of our driving programs or ask a friend how the experience was for them. This is how driver education should be in 2023. 

Cool Student Driver stickers now available

One of my students recently experienced a road rage incident while practicing. These stickers keep other drivers behind you chill while you're trying to learn. You would be amazed at how many drivers respond positively to these stickers and sometimes will follow even further back.

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