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Abandoned Places In Nova Scotia

This is a page dedicated to the many unique and interesting spots around Nova Scotia.

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BeaverBank Radar Base Walkthrough

The BeaverBank Radar Base is one of the most legendary abandoned places in Nova Scotia. It's located approximately 20 kms north of Lower Sackville. 

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Half Point Island - Lawrencetown Nova Scotia

Half Point Island is located on the left side (east) of Lawrencetown Beach. It can be accessed from Horseshoe Turn along the Atlantic View Trail.

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The Halifax Dingle

The Halifax Dingle is located on the Northwest Arm approximately 5 kms from Halifax and there are many walking trails here.

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Uniacke Estate Museum Park

Uniacke Estate Museum Park is located near Mount Uniacke and has plenty of trails and nice scenery.

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Windsor Textiles Building in Nova Scotia

The Windsor Textiles Building is in a state of disrepair but used to be a popular spot for exploring.

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Strange Places - Oldham Nova Scotia

This is an area with lots of interesting things to see and is also the location of Halifax's largest waterfall.

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