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Welcome to Bedford Driver. This website is a one stop shop for new and experienced drivers looking to learn new skills or to build more confidence on the road. I'm a professional driving instructor in Bedford Nova Scotia. I also worked as a truck mechanic for 5 years.


I've driven well over 1 million kilometers in big trucks, cars, motorcycles and anything else with wheels. Driving all of those kilometers doesn't make me anymore skilled than the next driver but the one aspect of my driving it does help tremendously is how I see the road. And that right there is the key to staying safe on the road and enjoying your drive. It's all about how you see the road and seeing things like hazards ahead of time. So the more you drive and gain experience the more you will develop your awareness in traffic. Before you know it you will see the careless mistakes of other road users before they even happen and you'll  be able to avoid all of those complications.


Learning to drive is stressful and can make people nervous and that's why it's essential that the person teaching you is relaxed and not nervous. There is an easy way to do everything in driving and on all of these pages I explain the various methods. This site will help you develop more situational awareness on the road which will help make the experience of learning to drive much easier.

Below are some photos from my experiences in the Alberta Oilfield. Oil rigs usually work in mountainous and remote areas because that's where the oil is. Driving in the mountains involves many different skills but most of all it requires the ability to think on your feet and make logical and safe decisions in real time. These mountains had roads that were basically mud so chaining up the truck was often a requirement. I chained up my truck many times on mountain roads at night with my back to the grizzly bears, cougars, and other wildlife that dwelled in the forest. Experience is the best teacher.


One of my students recently experienced a road rage incident while practicing. These stickers keep other drivers behind you chill while you're trying to learn. You would be amazed at how many drivers respond positively to these stickers and sometimes will follow even further back.

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